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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental conditioning?

What is mental conditioning?

Valerie Chimes

Mental conditioning can mean a lot of things. For example, getting your ass out of bed every morning to get in that much needed cardio takes a certain amount of mental strength to overcome the inertia of sleeping in.

Also, distractions and temptations will always be around us and we must condition our minds to be able to stay focused on our goals and resist such temptations. This is most certainly a skill that must be practiced on a daily basis.

At first, it will seem almost impossible to resist that one little bite of the cookie (come on, one bites not going to kill you) but then, slowly but surely it gets easier and easier.

It takes approximately 16 weeks for the rNA in the brain to change, after of which you’ll have no interest in taking that bite into that cookie that has plagued you your whole life.

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