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Frequently Asked Questions

Stretching, before or after the workout?

When should I stretch? Before, after or during a workout? Why?

Thomas Stinson

A few minutes of dynamic stretching before your training session will help prepare you for intense movement. After your session is over, you can cool down by incorporating the foam roller (myofascial release) followed by static stretches, allowing for extensibility.

Is it good to stretch the muscle I am currently working out? For example today I am working out my chest and also performing stretching exercise for it? No, get a few good prep movements in before training and then cool down with the foam roller and static stretches. If you stretch between sets you run the risk of desensitizing the nervous system and decreasing strength.

What is the antagonist? The antagonist is the opposite muscle group, it opposes the prime mover. For example, when performing a bicep curl in a concentric manner (shortening) the antagonist, the tricep, is lengthening.

These two, the prime mover and antagonist, work in concert with one another. The antagonist slows and controls the movement, while also returning a specific part to its natural position.

What do you think about exercises like yoga and pilates? I think these types of training modalities are for sissies. Just kidding, they are great for spine health, mental relaxation, and soft tissue extensibility. Most importantly, sometimes its fun just to try something new.

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