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Hormone Optimization

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is any form of hormone therapy wherein the patient, in the course of medical treatment, receives hormones, either to supplement a lack of naturally occurring hormones, or to substitute other hormones for naturally occurring hormones.

Comprehensive Hormone Panel

A blood test revealing the hidden truths about what is happening inside your body. We get a clear picture of your hormones (testosterone, estrogen, thyroid to name a few), vitamin levels, tumor markers, cholesterol levels, and all things that are most vital to living a health life.


Consultations include a comprehensive exam by a physician, an EKG to ensure proper heart health, nutrition programs, as well as workout plans.

Weight Loss Program

Our prescription weight loss programs include appetite suppressants to help stave off hunger while raising one’s overall metabolic rate. B-12/MIC injections to provide energy at the cellular level while also providing the body a ability to burn off stored fat.

Meet Dr Drapkin

Medical Director

In addition to Dr. Drapkin’s traditional medical training and practice, he has decades of experience, research and study in the fields of Diet and Exercise that have proven very beneficial in helping patients treat and prevent an array of medical conditions, as well as helped many to lead happier, healthier and more active lives.
Women Hormone Optimization
Dr Robert Drapkin - Medical Doctor
Some people say life really begins at 40. It can, if you’re healthy and physically fit. But getting into shape, really fit, after the age of forty can be daunting for some. Not only are you tasked with building muscles that can be very weak, but also, due to the natural aging process, your skin and tendons have lost some degree of elasticity, and your knees and other joints aren’t what they used to be… but that can all be turned around.
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  • Respected Medical Doctor, Champion Bodybuilder, Speaker, Author, Health and Fitness Guru for Individuals Over 40 Years of Age

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Beyond Dr. Drapkin’s formal medical training and achievements, he has decades of experience helping individuals improve their health through diet, nutrition and exercise.
At age 70, Dr. Drapkin practices what he teaches and is a world-class champion athlete, awarded with numerous titles and contest wins.

Are some people just born with the gift of losing weight rapidly and some are not or is it really just a difference in diet and daily activity levels?

What is ideally the best % of fat to have on the body? For a male? For a female?

Is it true that if you work out an area of the body, you’ll lose more fat in that area?